Friday, January 28, 2005

Ran into one of my old patients the other day. I had looked after this lady with a congenital heart defect, with resultant pulmonary hypertension, in my internship cardiology rotation. That would have been August 2002. Her husband was a country singer, and they gave me a copy of his CD when she was discharged.
Then, over 2 years later, on one of my not-so-good days, I had dinner with friends at one of the restaurants in town. It was a tough day, with some sick patients who were not doing well. While waiting for our table, I noticed this familiar looking couple eyeing me.
Turns out, it was them. And they remembered me by name. She's doing relatively well now, back here just for a follow-up.
It's funny, how on days when you're feeling tired and discouraged, how the person upstairs surprises you with little things to keep you going.
That made my day.
And all of a sudden, I remembered why I love this job.


Blogger shellgal said...

I did spinal surgery as my selective last month, after completing the 4-week Emergency Medicine in Egypt. My supervisor is one of the orthopaedic surgeons in Seremban General Hospital.During my first day in the Ortho Department,when I was still having jet lag and feeling lethargic,blur,gloomy,down,confused...(haven't prepared and read anything before hand), I bumped into this Indian couple who came for their follow-up(both having spine pathology).My mind was totally blank and I couldn't carry out a proper clerking in order to come out with a provisional diagnosis.The husband was very observant.He smiled and looked at me all the time. He then interfered a bit to give me some clues. I wondered how he knew so much about some crucial questions in taking a history from a patient presented with back problem. I thanked him for offering me such relevant info. He replied :"I learned all these from you.Don't you remember asking me the same questions and examining me the same way during my last admission to this hospital?" It seems that he was one of the patients whom I have seen and examined during my orthopaedic rotation last year! He developed spinal stenosis some years ago and was admitted to the hospital last year for laminectomy.It's ridiculous!He still remembers me well.He asked about my study and in turn,I asked about his back condition after the surgery.Apparently,he's doing well. He returned to his work quite soon postoperatively.I feel happy for him and apprecciate his remembrance on me ,which has brightened up my day. A gloomy day has turned out to be a nice,wonderful one!Thanx to him.He has ultimately boosted me up!That's why I always believe that patients are the motivations for me to take up medicine. My passion and enthusiasm in this field are cultivated through this way, which have now become more intensified, days after days, becoz of them!

8:53 PM  
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