Thursday, January 20, 2005

Rounding.... and rounding.... and rounding

The day was painfully slow today.
Began my prerounds (speaking of which, have not prerounded since CCU in August. One of the perks of being a 'senior') at 645am. I saw all the patients today as my colleague was apparently at clinic.
Anyway, the day just dragged on. Firstly, my colleague turns up at 9am.
"Oh, I found out my clinic is tomorrow instead."
(Which means that I will have to preround on all the patients again, and that he had nothing to do today)
And then, for a manageable census of 7 patients today, rounds took forever. I wasn't too discreet in expressing my impatience.
And it wasn't that we were talking about our cases. My attending just liked to digress.
Spent 30 mins telling us about his research.
15 mins there talking about photography.
20 mins about how he used to bike until he hurt himself.

I don't think he saw my hints.

Attending: "Oh, and for my current research, we're doing a trial on a new antiretroviral... blah blah blah..."

Me: Fidget fidget fidget

Attending: "...where we hope to enrol X patients to try..."

Me: Shift foot. Scratch right butt cheek

Attending: "... and speaking of which, I had this crazy patient this one time who liked to tell me too much information about his sex life..."

Me: Glance at watch. Yawn.

Attending: "... who liked his farm animals a wee bit too much..."

(No, I made the last part up)

The day just dragged on. And on. And on. If I had a gun then, I would have gladly shot my right foot, just so I could interrupt him and say, Ooh, I'd love to hear more, but looky here, I had a freakin' bleedin' foot and need to stop that before I bleed to death.

Naturally, my colleague's at clinic (or so he said) tomorrow. Which means I'll have to wake up at 530am again. At least I get the weekend off.
Planning to go to the Grand Canyon with a buddy. And then, it's back to the icebox (Rochester) next weekend.


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