Sunday, January 16, 2005


Cathedral Mountain at Sedona Posted by Hello

Made a day trip to Sedona, Arizona. Nice 2 hour drive to the place famous for the red mountains. It's about an hour from the Grand Canyon (planning to hit that place next weekened). Pretty enjoyable day. On the way back, bought a book to keep myself busy for tonight. Tom Clancy's latest.
I'd read Dan Brown's books, except I've gone through all of them.
Which reminds me. Does it occur to you that he's got a pretty stiff style of writing? I mean, it keeps you on the edge, but, you'll notice that his style is the same; he pushes the twist too hard near the end of the book. So, you kinda know near the beginning that the villain is really one of the good guys he meets early on.
I found this to be true in all his books, so much so that I knew at the start of Digital Fortress who the villain was gonna be.
Still, the Da Vinci Code was a great read.


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