Saturday, January 15, 2005

Tsunami Aid

As I write this, the Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope telethon is being carried out live. Annie Lennox is now performing her song. Actors, including Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Annette Benning are manning the phone lines accepting donations. I've tried to call for the last 30 mins, but it's still busy.
One guy donated one million dollars USD. And school kids here are raising funds.
Perhaps I'm more emotional today, but seeing the scenes on TV, and the stories, brought tears to my eyes.
170,000 people dead so far.
This is a catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions. And yet, despite the death, despite the aid people locally and from afar are giving, terrorist bombs are killing innocents in Iraq. The Indonesian government is ungratefully telling the American troops providing support there that the sooner they leave the better. The imans there are threatening the Christian relief groups working there.
Does this make sense?
Is there no hope for humanity? Of not being white, black, Asian? Muslim or not? Can't we just exist together?

If you can find it in your heart to donate, please call 1-800-HELP NOW, or visit


Blogger PaulOS said...

Our Senior Pastor at DUMC read out a letter from a friend of ours, Jim Yost an American who's been serving in Irian Jaya for the past 20-30 years of his life as a missionary.

Jim, his wife and daughter and son in law (an Indonesian), have uprooted themselves from "home" in Irian Jaya, to go and serve help at Aceh.

One of his statements in an email to our pastor struck me. (probably paraphrased) "at least 70% of the relief work is done by Christians in all areas in Indonesia. Locals are questioning "Why are there only 'Christians' helping out in these areas and what has happened to our Arab brothers?" "

Is the Arab/Moslem world directly sending aid to Sumatera, Indonesia which is 90% if not 99% a moslem country..

I pray that relief work and trauma management work will continue and that God's peace, comfort and love will be felt. I pray for Christian workers to be God's ambassadors to these areas.

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