Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year

My first Chinese New Year in years. The last time I celebrated was years ago, when I was still back in Malaysia. Haven't had the chance to celebrate much here; we don't get holidays for CNY, and in a small town like this, one doesn't really feel the CNY mood. Although I did make a feeble attempt at getting some people over to watch a Chinese movie last year (ahem. The type you buy from the pasar malam); but as it turned out, people just wanted to snack and chat. Merlot sounded better than Wong Fei Hung.
Having family here is swell; mom made a great CNY feast. Had some friends over, a Singaporean cardiologist and family, and a cardiac surgeon from Malaysia. Think everyone had fun. They were even able to make an improvised 'Yee Sang' dish. Brought tears to my eyes... sniff sniff... I missed that dish.
Some other things I miss about Chinese New Year. The acrid smell of fireworks. The food. The loud reports of the 'Moon travellers' my brothers and I used to shoot at our neighbours (these days though, this has been replaced by the big guns; Thunderclap, a huge honking rocket probably capable of shooting down the moon). The food. The smell of the Chinese temple I used to go to early in the morning on the first day of CNY. The food. My late grandpa. The food. The anxious anticipation of guests when we had out 'open house' (well, ok, I was always hoping to see my first love, Elaine. See earlier blog).
Time flies when you're having fun huh?
To put things in perspective; I started medical school 9 years ago. Graduated 4 years ago. By the time I'm really done, it would have been 12 years after starting medical school. Scary huh?
Now things have changed. Instead of just elders, I'm starting to get red packets from my own friends (digression for those not familiar with our Chinese traditions: Red packets containing $$ are given at CNY by those who are married to single people, usually kids). And my relatives are beginning to grumble at when they might be able to stop giving me red packets (pretty clear hint. I think people are starting to worry). Hey, it's just one of the perks of being single, I say. And I'll take mine in US dollars, thank you very much! Posted by Hello


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