Monday, February 07, 2005

Chicago (again)

Made another weekend trip to Chicago. This time, took my family there (their first time).
My tush was close to developing a pressure sore by the time we arrived; 5 1/2 hour journey. Naturally, I drove after having been at work the whole day, while mom, dad and sis slept. Had Helen, one of my neuro friends, company to keep me awake (and driving under the 65 mph speed limit). Didn't help that my sis called me, frantic, at 11am with a crisis, while I was in the midst of seeing a patient (but that's a different story).
Chicago. One of my favourite cities in the USA to visit. 3rd largest in the country, 8 million people in the city itself, or so I was told. The grand Lake Michigan, so large that you can't see the end. I interviewed there for both residency and fellowship, but it's probably a blessing that I will stay here for another 3 years; I don't think I could afford living there.
Anyway. Late now, and I will be presenting at senior morning report tomorrow, so I'll upload the pictures later.


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