Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dr. Patient

Sometimes you never know where your patients may be coming from.
I saw H last week for the first time; he was a 50+ year old Middle Eastern man with type 2 diabetes. He worked as a pharmacy technician, so I wasn't surprised when we used some medical terminology at our meeting.
But I was impressed by his level of knowledge of pancreatic physiology, and prodded him a bit further. Turns out he was a cardiothoracic surgeon in his home country. But because his credentials were not recognized here, he needed to go back to medical school and residency before he could practice as a surgeon. At this age, he didn't think he had the stamina to do so, and so humbly worked in the pharmacy dispensing meds instead.
Reminds me of a cab driver I met while in medical school in Canada; he practiced as a neurosurgeon in Russia before his emigration.
And though he missed practicing surgery, he was happier with his new life there.
But it did get me thinking that it was a shame, not being able to use their talents just because of some bureaucratic red tape.


OpenID jackyyu said...

sigh... yes.... I a coworker of mine has almost a Masters Degree in education from the Philippines and she ended up working in the school office where we met. Apparently, she couldn't qualify to teach... unfortunate to waste so much education!

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