Friday, May 03, 2013

Historic GE-13

Whatever the outcomes this weekend, the 13th Malaysian General Elections will be a historic event.
For far too long, Malaysians have put up with a ruling government that emphasizes cronyism, corruption, racism and personal gain.
For far too long, powers-that-be have held on to that power, and signs indicate that the powers-that-be are fearful of losing that grip on the Malaysian people.
I tell my patients you can't believe everything you read on the internet. But with social media and all you read about, you can't help be worry and be disheartened about the desperate moves the ruling party appears to be resorting to.
Open vote-buying, bribery. Subtle threats of racial violence, or playing the racial card to divide and conquer. Phantom voters, even to the extent to apparently flying in foreigners to vote for them.
Whatever the outcomes, this will be a historic event, reminiscent of the Arab Spring movement. If nothing else, this highlights the power of the internet and the social media. The corrupt leaders and their illegal or unethical practices are no longer hidden. Someone, somewhere is watching, and if they see a wrong, somehow it will be exposed. Perhaps it might be too slow and too few to affect the outcome of this election (though many of us wait with anxious and open hearts that the ruling party will finally be toppled), eventually the movement will gain enough momentum.
If not this time, perhaps the next. But, oh, please let it me this time.
Ini kali-lah, Malaysia. Vote wisely; the rest of us who are abroad hope for the best.


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