Friday, April 19, 2013

Winds of Change

Though I'm far away from my native Malaysia, every single day for the last 15 years I've been away, I have checked the local news. I wonder about her ongoings. And I have to say, like many Malaysians, have become more disillusioned about her leaders.
The circus that is going on in the recent weeks and months is a testament to how far some groups will go to retain absolute power.
And with one of the main opposition groups possibly off the ballots and its leaders possibly needing to go on the ballot of its ally, some are concerned if this will lead to confusion especially amongst those less aware of the recent events.
Some might also say they would never vote for a candidate under the PAS ballot.
Indeed, growing up, the Chinese have often seen PAS as a radical group.
But perhaps one of my good friends put it best: "Maybe this will show the real spirit of muhibbah in Malaysia".
Voting for a candidate not on the basis of skin color, or race, or religion. Instead, voting in the hopes that this candidate will have honor, honesty and integrity. Voting down corruption. The Chinese and Indians (and of course the Malays too) willing to back up PAS simply because of the dream that someday, we will be rid of the corrupt.
Malaysia, though many of us may be far away, I have high hopes for you.


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that's gonna mean a lot, and much more.

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