Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The aftermath

If you're Malaysian, you're well aware of the outcomes of the elections. Thousands of miles away, we followed the updates online.
Naturally, I was disappointed. Disappointed that the outcomes were not different. But even more disappointed by the tactics some parties used to 'win'.
If these allegations are true (admittedly social media is not always correct there appears to be video and photographic evidence)- in simple terms, they cheated.
I'm heartbroken as many of you are. Saddened and in mourning over what seems to be the lack of democracy and fairness.
And outraged by the seemingly arrogant and irresponsible remarks the man who is supposed to be the political leader and representative of all Malaysians, suggesting or accusing a certain race for the outcomes of the elections.
With even the PM stoking the fire, what future is there for the minorities in Malaysia? Who will protect their interests? And does anyone still look beyond skin color? I am fearful.
But, if there is a silver lining in all this, it was heartwarming and encouraging to see how most, regardless of skin color, was united in this cause. How, despite the reports of threats and violence, good people helped each other out.
Yes, I'm heartbroken; I still am. But this will heal, as I'm sure yours will. And perhaps someday, there will be enough who will say no to greedy, racist and corrupt leaders.
I shall remain optimistic.


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