Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cooking Malaysian

One thing about being away from Malaysia is the food. So, one thing I tell new students they should do to ease the home sickness is to learn to cook Malaysian. Nothing special, but just pick a few of your favorite dishes from Mom's arsenal.
And so when I was in medical school in Canada, I learnt Mom's chicken curry and oyster sauce chicken. And I kinda got lazy and stopped there- learnt many more recipes, but not Mom's.
Naturally, I miss many of her dishes. But this trip, my wife made it a point to watch my Mom cook, and made lists of recipes.
And so this week, I've been treated with some of my favs: Honey Chicken and Fried Wantan! My wife whipped them up when I was at work. 

Maybe we need to extend her maternity leave- maybe I should get her pregnant again!


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