Saturday, September 08, 2012


In one of those what-the-f*ck moments, we just found out a good friend from far away has suddenly died. Kris and I are still reeling from the shock of hearing the news, and we have countless questions as to why though we'll probably only find out much later. We only know it happened. Why, when, how?
It's been 5 years since we last saw him. We've had some good times way back when. And though it's been years since we last met in Singapore, we send them Christmas cards every year. And I called and chatted with him perhaps 5-6 months ago. And as it always does, Facebook fools you into feeling that you're somewhat staying in touch with faraway friends and family.
The world has lost another wonderful man, another dedicated doctor. Far too young. And it's made more painful realizing that this is the 2nd friend I've lost in the last 2 years from that golden era of residency. Looking at some of our photos, it's sombering to realize that of the few of us in that one photo, 2 are no longer with us.
I mourn for my friend. I mourn for his wife who has to face the world without him know. I mourn for his family.
Gene, we'll miss you. Till we meet again, may God keep you safe and loved in His hands. Perhaps, you and our buddy TS are now rejoicing and enjoying a drink at your reunion, somewhere up there in a beautiful place.


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Saw the obituary today. Life is just unpredictable.

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