Sunday, August 05, 2012

Well Done LCW!

As they say, you can take the man out of Malaysia, but not Malaysia out of the man.
I cursed when I realized that our satellite provided did not telecast the Men's badminton singles from London live. And then, joy when I found that we could watch this live online.
Dato' Lee Chong Wei found a valiant battle. There should be no shame, only pride, when he stood on the podium to accept the silver.
I was unprepared however for my emotions, how caught up I got watching the game. After all, the last time I watched a badminton match was over 20 years ago?
I got really ansy, and paced up and down. Whenever LCW scored, I shouted. Several times loud enough that our dogs and daughter jumped. I wailed when his shots went out.
And then, at the very end when he lost, my wife (indeed, me too!) was shocked that my eyes welled up with tears, visibly so.
(I suspect I might be less emotional even when tha baby gets here in a few weeks celebrity fashion gallery)
Though we're all disappointed that the gold was not ours, we all can proudly say that he played a terrific game, and clearly gave it his best. And thanks to him, we have another medal to take home.


Blogger iml said...

You were not alone. He fought tooth and nail and "sigh" lost. When he went down to his knees, I had to look away. He stoic face gave away nothing till the very end.

9:52 PM  
Blogger Palmdoc said...

You could have watched live on the Olympics Youtube channel

5:58 AM  

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