Saturday, July 21, 2012

Busy Weekend

Feeling productive! The in-laws came over for the weekend to hang out and help us get the rooms ready for the addition to the family. For one, we moved the office out from one of the bedrooms to the main floor. And we finally got Alli some big-girl furniture since we were going to need the crib for the baby.
And so, it was a nice family event. Even Allison helped clean up her room before we moved the furniture in!
We got some white furniture for her, to match the white trim and shelves already in her room. We got the Hailey Collection trundle bed from Costco- we were impressed by the simple yet cute design, and the quality of the bed. And, it was much cheaper than the furniture stores. But these things came in 4 back-breaking boxes. It look us two trips in my wife's SUV to bring everything back.
Assembly took about 2 hours, though at least the instructions were intelligible. And thank goodness for power tools!
 After a busy morning, her room was ready. Right now, she is still sleeping soundly in her bed (and hasn't yet rolled off onto the carpet!).
And, her sister-to-be has her room set up too. This time, we're using the room next to ours to set up base for the baby. And with the office downstairs, we have another spare room upstairs for guests.
Only 5 weeks to go before our due date!