Friday, July 13, 2012

Backyard Project

Finally, it's finished!
This year, one of our home projects was to expand on our backyard patio. We had some stone pavers put in along with a firepit and seating area for campfires and S'mores. Over the years we've had at least a dozen campfires each summer.
And this year, we decided to add to it by building to the other side, and to add a stone wall and a hammock for privacy. After a week of hard work (no, we had the landscapers do it!) it was finally done.

And, I'm particularly proud of the fact that I was able to install landscape lights on my own. No, not the solar ones, but the wired low-voltage ones. I've always wanted to light this area up, but was too stingy to have someone do it. And thankfully, Youtube has plenty of DIY videos to tell you how to do it. And it helps knowing that your neighbor is an ER doc so that if I was stupid enough to electrocute myself, he'd probably know how to revive me.
But no, I came out OK with all my fingers intact. Bring on summer!


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