Monday, June 04, 2012

To Judge

Doctors shouldn't judge.
That's not our job. We are here to diagnose diseases and treat patients. To cure sometimes, but to heal and comfort always.
But I'm only human. And admittedly, sometimes patients piss me off.
On one hand, the hospital is overflowing, with patients in the ER waiting for beds on the floors to open up.
On the other hand, I have patients like Ms. Y who comes in to the hospital every other week for yet another episode of diabetic ketoacidosis that was induced by a combination of noncompliance with her insulin, and drug abuse.
And the minute she is medically stable, she sneaks out of the wards for a smoke. Or strolls across the street for McDonalds. While refusing to be discharged because of her "abdominal pains" necessitating multiple doses of opiates. All at the expense of you and I, the American taxpayer.
This makes me mad; while I do think that Medicaid is an invaluable program that benefits many people, the frustrating thing is that there are also many out there who take advantage of things. And no longer feel the need to be responsible for their own health anymore.
And in the meantime, not only are we footing the bill, in moments such as these, other patients who could really use the bed suffer.


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