Friday, June 01, 2012

Boys & Girls

Psst. Here's a secret: I love having a daddy's girl.
Yea, I know, it takes getting used to initially; all the pink in the house. Dolls, barrettes, ribbons. Kissing little owies. Singing her to sleep while waving bye-bye to her fishes. Drawing flowers on the sidewalk with chalk.
Especially coming from a predominantly male household, this took some getting used to. And it's only gonna get more interesting with another baby girl on the way.
But I'm loving it. And I was reminded of the differences between boys and girls when I was there fixing dinner for Alli, only to look outside to see my neighbor's 3 boys chasing a little bunny rabbit with their BB guns!
I would have gone out to stop them if their father wasn't there, taking shots at the poor bunny.
It probably wasn't all that different when my brothers and I drove our parents (and neighbors) up the wall when we were little.
I'll take girls anyday. I'm sure having girls will turn into a nightmare when they hit their teens.
But for now, I'll stick with the pink ribbons, thank you very much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

doc.hv u encounterd any c.a.h parent?who have difficulties raising c.a.h daugter..

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