Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Welcome Ava!

Annoucing the arrival of Ava;
She decided it was time to pop out Saturday. And in a rush she was- mom went into labor in the morning, and less than 4 hours later she was here!
Mom and baby are doing well. Dad not so- am sleep deprived, and I wish I had taken some time off (I went to work Monday).
And yes, we decided on Ava. That was the 2nd pick on the poll I posted previously. Sadly for Allison, there weren't too many picks for Chocolate! That was the name we had been leaning towards and so we went with it.
Can't understand those people though we name the baby based on how she looks. "Oh, I think she looks like an Ann" or "Doesn't she look like an Elizabeth; let's call her that?" I love my kids, but really, if I named them based on how they looked as a newborn, I'd have kids called Winston Churchill, or Michelin Man, or Ugly Wrinkly Swollen Kid. Personally I think all newborns are ugly. They only begin to look cute after a week or so, methinks.scuba diving in menorca
Speaking of Allison, she's still not sure what to make of the baby. In the hospital she was more interested in mom's french fries than her. We'll see how well they get along.