Friday, October 05, 2012


So, we've adopted a couple of kids.
Well, not in the way you might think.
We found out last year that the university here is very popular amongst Malaysian students- they have a pretty strong economics/acturial sciences program. And, as it turns out there is a program to sign up to be host families for any foreign students.
And so, Kris and I thought it would be neat to maintain that Malaysian connection, and to help any newcomers feel more welcome.
After all, I remember my first years being away from home, being in Canada. I remember the cultural shock, the home sickness. How much I appreciated that my mentor Dr. Baumber took us in and hosted the Malaysians numerous times. Or how nice it was for that random Malaysian woman to contact the U to get in touch with us students and how her family hosted us for that ski trip in Kananaskis. Admittedly, I thought it was strange for people to do that initially, though perhaps now that I've aged and matured somewhat, it seems to be the right thing to do.
We all remember how student life was. How most of us were so budget conscious that we ate miserably (a slice of ham on toasts was my staple weekday dinners!)(that being said, times seem to have changed; these students seem to be sporting the newest iPhone 5!).
And so, we signed up, and 'adopted' two kids (well, three if we included the guy's girlfriend)- a 20 year old 'boy' and 'girl'. So far, we've had them over a few times, and took them out for dinner once. And while I cringed when he called me "Mr. Vagus"-made me feel old- it's been nice hearing that familiar accent.
Someday, after they're more used to us, I'm going to start using them as my guinea pigs and start making some Malaysian food- stuff I haven't cooked in years because Kristin thinks they're nasty.
Remember the nasi lemak incident?


Anonymous LP said...

I would be happy to give you some start from scratch but short cut Malaysia recipes :)

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