Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Month!

How time flies.
It's been a month. We celebrated Ava's 'full moon' last weekend. Thanks to mom, we had a yummy feast even without the customary roast pork. We did have the red eggs though.
Mom leaves for Malaysia after a 6 week visit. We've been lucky to have her here to help, but what's more precious is that she was able to spend some time with her new grand daughter. It really warms the heart seeing your parent interact with your child.
After she leaves, I suspect Kris and I will be facing new challenges as 'new' parents to 2 with no extra help. Alas, no domestic help or 'confinement ladies' here. While daycare, especially when they both start going, will cost more than a car annually! Definitely one of those things I miss from Malaysia.
One step at a time I suppose. Wish us luck.
Have a good flight back, mom!


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