Friday, April 18, 2008

This week I've been doing a totally new attachment. Makes me feel like a fish out of water, everything being so different. Heck, even the terminology is new.
I'm doing a short stint in reproductive endocrinology. Though this really falls into the realm of the OB/Gyn department (it's an OBGYN fellowship, not a medicine subspecialty) there is some minimal overlap between our specialties, so I thought it would be interesting shadowing these folks.
It's a different world, really. Far from discussing mortality and death and prognosis and cancer, these folks are in the business of creating life. I've seen some pretty amazing stuff this week. Several IVFs, embryo transfers.
You also realize something. A vast majority of the patients I've seen this week are well-educated, highly-trained professionals, mid to late-30's, who've spent their lives chasing their career dreams. People like us. And, perhaps from a reproductive standpoint, spent a bit too long doing that. And with the biological clock ticking against them, are having trouble conceiving. I caught myself thinking about when Kris and I should start our own family. Then again, there's so much we want to do. Travel. Enjoy our new home. Get my 'toy car'. Kris to get her Masters in Nursing Anesthesia.
Oh well. One step at a time.


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