Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our first home

With the money we're spending, we could have gotten almost two of these beauties. Instead, the practical side of us spent the money on our home. Behold, what 2 Ferrari F430s can buy you:
10,000 square feet and one big pile of earth. Woo hoo.
Okay, I'm being facetious. Though there is nothing to look at now, our home should be completed by July. We decided to work with a builder to build something to our specifications. We're both terribly excited, being able to pick our colours, partially design the house, tell them where to wire the surround-system cables. Though I'm leaving most of the designing to Kris.
Like most guys, I'm colour-blind, have no sense of style, and if I could have it my way, have a dance-pole in my living room. Heck, I'd have my toilet right there in the middle, in front of the TV and within arm's reach of the oven that will bake the pizzas. I think I'm fairly easy to please- requirements for home:
1) TV room
2) Garage
3) Toilet

So thankfully I have Kris to tell the builders what to do. I've learnt to stay out of the way, and to say 'yes dear'.
And in case you're wondering, no we're not paying for this in cash. We're taking a 30-year mortgage.