Monday, March 10, 2008

Winds of Change

Though I've been away from home (I still find myself calling Malaysia home) for 10 years now, I still follow her progress avidly. This time, I must say I'm extremely pleased by the recent election results.
Many of the younger Malaysians, I suspect, voted for the opposition. And in one fell swoop, BN (Malaysia's ruling party) loses 5 states to the opposition. Many like me, I'm certain, are just sick and tired of the nonsense going on there. The middle and lower class become poorer, while the rich get richer. The fatcat policitians laughing their ways to the bank.
Irresponsible wastage of public funds (most recently the spending of over a million RM for indelible ink that's now gone to waste. Then again maybe not; I bet this was the final straw for many Malaysians), corrupt practices and double standards (the close one eye incident, etc), cronism, racist and sexist practices, the ever-increasing inflation rates (toll, gas, locally-made cars). And that idiot Samy saying Malaysia has one of the cheapest toll-rates in the world (yea, right!). I'm glad the voters gave him the finger and told him to go to hell. And politicians saying the most retarded, stupidest, moronified statements.
And those many have felt helpless in the past, too afraid to vote for the opposition because of BN's threats of political and racial instability if the opposition ever wins, this time, many have decided to take action.
I've always believed in natural selection; if there is no competition between species, then a species will never better itself. Applies to biology, race and even politics.
Like many Malaysians, I will give the opposition the benefit of doubt, and keep an open mind. We will look forward to the next few years. And let the politicians beware: if you piss people off, they will get rid of you.


Blogger Jun said...

i'm actually quite surprised tht msians would dare to vote for change, but i'm reli happy with the results. i think now's the time for the opposition to prove their worth, so let's see if they live up to their promises :)

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel happy that so many Malays voted for DAP. It shows that a lot of Malay look beyond race and religion. And of cos, so many Chinese voted for PAS.

3:31 PM  

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