Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I know I know. Enough lousy excuses, but I've been terribly busy. One weekend was dedicated to wedding stuff in Milwaukee (and if you feel generous enough to get us something from our wedding registry, who am I to stop you?). And then the weekend before last was househunting in Iowa. And so, I was looking forward to some down time last weekend. To, for the first time in a month, sleep past 7.30 am. I had mentioned to Kris on Thursday, how I was dying for the weekend.
And then on Friday, to my horror, I find out that some lazy, incompetent moron did not check the oncall schedules and failed to inform me that I was oncall for the weekend.
KNNCCB. The French that mouth uttered would have curled even Kid Rock's neck hair.
Naturally, that moron I'm referring to was me.
For whatever reason, I thought I had only one more weekend call for fellowship.
But here I am, halfway through the week, with my pager close by, on 24/7, waiting for calls from the hospital. Before I get my day off this weekend, I'd have worked for 12 days nonstop.
3 more days...


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