Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Bachelor Party

There are few things that make me swear like a drunken pirate. Snow in mid April, well into spring, is one of them. And I was already planning to get my bike out. In fact 2 weekends ago the temperature was well into the 20's °C.
I guess I shouldn't complain. I heard they got a foot of snow further up north.
So today happens to my bachelor party. My buddies are planning it and we'll be spending the night in Minneapolis. What exactly they have planned for me, I don't really know (and we'll probably be sworn to secrecy).
I do know we'll be having dinner at a Brazilian Steakshouse. It's pretty simple, really. You have what looks like a Stop/Go sign on your table. If you flip it to 'Go', the wandering waiters with different cuts of meat keep piling it up on your plate. When you have enough, flip it back to 'Stop'. Eat, and when ready repeat cycle.
Knowing the gang, there will probably be a lot of alcohol involved. When we get together, it's usually hard to really drink because of the kids around, and because of driving responsibilities. Tonight we got a couple of rooms in the Marriot; I only hope we'll be sober enough to crawl our way back to the rooms.
Hmm, maybe there will be some 'exotic' dancing involved?
(Which seems to be the norm here from the bachelor parties I've attended. And it's a lot less wild then what the movies portray) Probably not, seeing that most of us are 'family men' and are AOTH (Almost Over The Hill). Seems like good friends, good food and alcohol are all it takes to make a man satisfied these days.

Then again, HH was trying to get Kris to attend one of the male strip shows in Vegas. I hope HE doesn't have a surprise planned for me (it's scary what a mild-mannered cardiologist with FIVE kids can unleash when he is away from home).
And if you think we've being unfair to our significant others, have no worries. The ladies are getting together for Kris' bachelorette party next weekend. From the stuff I've already heard, it's already making ME blush. They last time they got together for something like this, they even had a cake made into the shape of a man's salami.
And it's pretty amusing that her sisters and MOTHER are involved in the kinky details of her party too!
I offered to pay for a male stripper to show up, but I was afraid she'd start buying me male-thongs after that.

P/S: Dear readers, if I don't return by Monday, please start a $$ collection amongst yourselves. We'll likely be needing some bail money. And I swear, they made me do it.


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Now, now, don't be naughtie, Dr Vagus...

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