Sunday, April 27, 2008

I read this story in the Sunday papers. Kris was working, and so I was alone, having my morning coffee.
The story hit me like a bolt in the blue. Excerpt from the Star Tribune:
Like many first-time parents, Matt and Liz Logelin were understandably nervous. Two months before her due date, Liz was put on bed rest in early March to keep from going into labor prematurely. Twice, she was wheeled into the delivery room, and twice, the baby changed its mind. So when baby Madeline finally arrived on March 24, small but healthy, the entire family breathed a sigh of relief. Then the unthinkable happened. Liz, 30, passed out the next day on her way to hold her daughter for the first time.
Within minutes, the young mother was dead from a blood clot no one knew she had developed. Suddenly, Matt Logelin was facing life as a new dad and a 30-year-old widower all at once.
As his world fell apart, Logelin turned for solace to the Internet, which has become an unexpected lifeline for many sharing joy or grief. In his case, both. He told their story in a blog,, which he subtitled:
"Life and death. All in a 27-hour-period."
It's so sad, this story. As someone just about to start a family, Kristin and I have recently started worrying about each other, about our health, about how life can be fragile. We worry more so because things seem to be working out for us so well. Reading this story today only made me worry about us more.
And yet, it's an inspiring story about how love endures. About faith and strength.
Go have a read- but get your Kleenex ready. And do say a prayer for Liz, Matt and Madeline.


Anonymous Ginger said...

Sometimes things happen so unexpectedly that we felt helpless and sad. We could easily fall apart and give up.
Yet we can't just keep on worrying about things that have not happened. If things have been good, then we should count our blessings and think of those who are less fortunate.
Just take things one step at a time. As long as we know we have done our best, the rest is up to God. I believe there's always a lesson learnt in every experience, be it good or bad.

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