Monday, June 04, 2007

Phew. I'm tired. Something to do with the 8 a.m-630 p.m talks (though my brain shuts down at about 2 pm, so I'm not sure why I stay till so late). Nonetheless, we're having a good time here in Toronto, academically and socially. I'd estimate about 8,000 participants at the conference, with many excellent presentations.
Somewhere along the way, we also managed to have fun. Went up to the CN tower (again), the tallest free-standing structure in the world. Though the kids jumping up and down on the glass floor while I was standing on it didn't particularly thrill me. It was a loooong way down.
I did my oral presentation today. Public speaking- not exactly my favourite. I'd sooner run around the conference hall in a pink g-string than to do public speaking (I asked, but they wouldn't let me). Still, it went surprisingly well; the hall was pretty full and people weren't snoring, at least none that were audible. My case series was well-accepted, and according to my colleagues I handled the questions from the floor well. So now, thankfully I can relax and enjoy the next 2 days in Toronto. One additional bonus, was that I actually met some fellow doctors from Malaysia! There were 2 research posters, one from a group in USM, another from PMC (Yes, Dssraj, your DEAN and I talked about you!), so that was a source of pride. Rumor has it that there is a hot Malaysian drug rep somewhere here too, but my eyes have been gourged out by my fiancee, and so I haven't noticed her. Not trying to be funny, but it's true, many drug companies intentionally hire people who are visually attractive! It was apparent how many of the hundreds of pharma reps in the exhibition hall looked like models (male and female). See Palmdoc's posting on this subject.
Neways. More when I get back to Rochester. Ciao.