Monday, May 14, 2007

Back to the grind

Ugh. 5 days here and I'm still struggling with jetlag. I for one don't react too well to this. I'm a really light sleeper, and to make things worse, usually function with 5 hours of sleep a day. And so, I'm finding it hard to really sleep in till my usual wake-time. Which explains why I'm fighting to keep my eyelids from closing, at 8.29 pm. Even a jiggling Jessica Simpson wouldn't keep my eyelids open.
Still struggling to catch up with my backlog of paperwork (research and patient correspondence), so I apologize for the lack of emails, phonecalls and blogging. Though the trip was a rush, it was special in more ways than one. A highlight was being able to meet up with so many people, some I haven't seen in, what, 7 years (Kowsai?). Some taking the time to come over after a tough day oncall at 11.30 pm. Some waiting patiently at some gas station in the middle of nowhere.
I'm reminded of some things:
For some friends, time has no meaning. You feel as though you last met up only yesterday despite an absence of years
Life is unfair. Despite biking 50 km and lifting weights 3 times a week, you look like hell and are balding, while your fat medschool friends are now thin and look like Hong Kong movie stars (heh heh)
Thanks, guys, for making this trip special.


Blogger PaulOS said...

So it goes to show how good a friend you are to us. :D

You'd do the same.. appreaciate the time we spent together.. inhaling gas fumes :D

10:53 AM  

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