Monday, May 07, 2007


We leave for KLIA tonight. Though this year, I haven't the luxury to sit down and really feel the depressing, impending countdown to departure. In a stupid way, I'm almost keen on getting back to work on my presentation to the division in 2 weeks, and my oral presention at a meeting in Toronto next month.
Anyways. I know I will miss Malaysia. With all her imperfections (the States has her own share of 'em too). The lush greenery. The food. The loud, rambunctious social interactions (something that unnerved Kristin initially). The language. The traffic. The squatting toilets. You know that though you return every year, something will be different. Something always changes. New highways. New buildings. Even The Star newspapers looked different. Even without your social network.
Friends and I were talking the other day when we met in KL. 4 buddies came to meet us, pushing 2 baby strollers. And the stuff we were talking about was vastly different from our highschool days. That was something new to me. And I know next year, there'll probably be a few more strollers (not mine!). I suppose that's the way life goes. The Stages of Life, reflected in your gang's topic of conversation:
  • Which technique of throwing a guli (marble) is best
  • How to impress girls
  • Cars and cellphones
  • Buying homes and getting married
  • The best baby food, diapers
  • Best school for your kids
  • Hypertension/cholesterol-lowering medications
  • Adult diapers
    Alrighty, Malaysia. Thanks for a wonderful time. Friends, thanks for the well-wishes. Till the next time (July 2008?), take care.


    Blogger Palmdoc said...

    Nice papayas. Sorry I couldn't help it :P

    9:30 PM  
    Blogger Xiao_zhai said...

    Aiks...palmdoc beat me to that line...

    9:36 PM  
    Blogger dobbs said...

    Errr.... aren't those coconuts?

    10:26 PM  
    Anonymous cathie said...

    WOWZA, nice melons Kris! You sure know how to make a girl jealous! ;)

    Have a safe trip back!

    11:49 PM  
    Blogger vagus said...

    you guys are useless! coconuts! not melons, not papayas.
    and yes, they ARE very nice. ahem.
    *smack smack* sorry hun *ouch ouch*

    2:17 AM  
    Blogger shungz said...

    hey. wei shung here. was nice to finally meet you. have a safe trip back. and I guess I'll see you one day. :-)

    4:21 AM  
    Anonymous anastasia said...

    Congratulations- albeit a slightly late one- on being engaged to the gorgeous coconuts, uh I mean, the gorgeous Kris, of course. ;)

    4:32 AM  
    Blogger Acidulous said...

    Bon voyage...Have a safe trip back to US

    3:39 PM  
    Blogger vagus said...

    Thanks everyone. wei shung, thansk for the help at the wedding. it was nice finally meeting my sis' guy.

    7:39 PM  
    Anonymous George said...

    Congrats again Vagus and Kris

    10:20 AM  
    Anonymous midnite lily said...

    nxt trip july 08? hai. i'll be back in sydney then. u're gonna ve to have ur honeymoon in australia for lee & i to meet you! ^_^ Congrats again!!

    11:15 AM  

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