Monday, May 07, 2007

The trip so far

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Probably a bit too busy, but it couldn't be helped given the short time frame we're here and the number of things we wanted to do.
The wedding went well. Was impressed by the planning my brother put into it. Executed with the precision of a general at Desert Storm. That is, until he got pissed drunk.
2 days after the wedding, we took the bus to Singapore, where we spent 3 days. Two things I learnt: 1) 'Executive' and 'VIP' buses usually aren't, and 2) 5 hours in a bus reeking of body odour is a dizzyingly unforgettable experience. Besides doing the usual touristy things, I was thrilled to be able to meet up with some buddies from Rochester, some I haven't seen in 2 years since they left. The last time I was in Singapore was about 10 years ago.
You also realize Singapore is so far more advanced than Malaysia. So terribly efficient. So clean. They even have comics in the public toilets to keep you entertained.Such a 'fine' city. (Heh heh, pun intended)From Singapore, we flew to Tioman for another 3 days. It was great, except that on the first night, my now-Americanized stomach couldn't take the local seaside restaurant/shack food. I woke up at 2am nauseated, with projectile vomiting, and diarrhea that would embarass even the filthiest of pigs. And the biggest problem was, while I'd usually tell my patients with gastroenteritis to take things easy and take only clear liquids until the diarrhea resolved, I was a glutton and kept eating. Even had sushi between my diarrhea explosions in 1 Utama last night. A doctor's worst patient.

But that aside, it's been a great trip. I just wish we had more time. As it is, we leave tomorrow night. And there are still dear friends I have yet to meet. Things I wanted to do. Foods I wanted to molest and savage. Char bohs I wanted to watch (oops. I'm a chained man now, aren't I?).
Well, there's always next year, isn't there? For those who met up with us, it was great seeing you again even for a short meeting. For those who didn't, we'll have to try to do this the next trip.


Blogger sbanboy said...

Have a safe trip back .... and congrats again :D

1:57 AM  
Blogger dobbs said...

Congratulations TK and Kristin! Have a safe trip back to the US. Hope to meet you one of these days.

Just realised that Kristin will become a Kristin Khoo after you get married. Hmmmm...sounds rather familiar although mine's spelt with a C (I'm a "chin lang" remember?) :)

3:27 AM  
Blogger YeePei said...

Have a safe trip home! And congratulations!!!

It's the wedding season in the khoo-family eh? Let's see... only one more... the kid sister. Ooooiii... CARYN!!!!

6:23 AM  
Blogger caryn said...

*pretending not to hear anything*

Have a good, uneventful flight back to Rochester, you two. :)

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on your engagement - I'm so happy all of your puzzle pieces have fallen into place!!!

When and where is the wedding???

8:12 AM  

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