Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In transit

Ugh. Incheon International Airport, Seoul, for a 3 hour transit. Flight was ok I guess, though we slept through it all. Guy behind Kris had long legs and kept bumping into her seat. If looks could kill, he'd been dead and turned to dust probably since somewhere over the east coast of Malaysia, with the glares Kris gave him.
Getting to KLIA was eventful. About 10 minutes away, dad's car got a flat tire. Kris said she was impressed by how fast we got the tire changed. Dumped the luggage on the road, got the jack and spare out, quick bait-and-switch and we were on our way.
Thanks for coming to see me off at the airport, everyone. It wasn't necessary, but it was nice to see everyone again one more time.
More updates when we get in to Minnesota. We'll see if they need a doc on this flight :P