Saturday, May 26, 2007

Darned if you do, Darned if you don't....

She had been struggling with her symptoms for years. Because of the rarity of her disease (intentionally left out, you can guess but don't ask) her small-town doctors were not able to diagnose the illness. Episodes of sweating, dizziness, shakiness over the years progressed to confusion and even loss of consciousness and seizures. Which finally prompted a referral.
She underwent surgery last month which cured her of her debilitating problem. But, even in the best of hands, when you cut open someone and expose a sterile body cavity, the risk of infection increases. Which is what happened in this case.

Wound infection, septicemia, empyema, renal failure.

You catch yourself wondering if you should have left her alone in the first place. Despite her debilitating symptoms.
Then again, you never have a crystal ball to predict the future. And you know the risks of all surgeries are real, and that she really was in the best of hands and that even the best surgeon in the world is not God himself. And in this case, this surgeon probably was one of the best.

I keep my fingers crossed and pray for a quick recovery and discharge to home.


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