Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello, Goodbye

This was a week/weekend of handshakes and hugs. Though in a way, of happiness, for many, it's mainly of some sadness.
The medical academic year ends throughout the USA. Come Monday, newbie, fresh-out-of-medical school grads start their postgrad training (ed's note: unless you have a perforated ulcer, avoid the hospitals for at least 3-4 months). I'm now a final-year fellow (sigh, PGY-6, postgrad year 6, seems so very very long).
With the new, the old has to leave. Thus the topic of this blog. Colleagues, good friends I have known for a year or 5, leave for the next stage in their careers.
Among them, AT, a dear friend and confidante, leaves for her native California. Gene, undoubtedly one of the craziest anesthetists I've met, a real contradiction of a fellow, returns to Singapore where he will terrorize the newbie HO/MOs with stories of his driving his Porsche like a maniac in the snow. Replaced by another 2 Singaporean docs, HS and Kelvin. His departure was preceded by his wife Nat's a few months ago (who continues to torture us with stories of yummy home food).
That's the thing about this training; come the changing of the guards, you're bound to bid some dear friends farewell. Though, you know really, they're going to be in a better place; home.

Farewell, you guys. And till the next time we meet, take care.