Friday, June 29, 2007

GT Girls

I was amused to read about the recent report in the Malaysian papers, about the GT girls' clothes being too racy (pun intended) and being inappropriate for our politicians with high moral values.

Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN – Sri Gading) asked why the authorities seemed to be reluctant to take action against foreigners when they committed offences in the country.
“Do all men like to look at naked women? There may be some men who like to watch. But are the authorities afraid to take action against foreigners?” he added.

I'm not quite sure what his point was, with that question about naked women. But, ah yes, we all do know what he meant by the GT girls' uniforms, don't we?

For the record, yes, as a man, looking at eye candy is pleasant, but I do think skimpily-clad women holding umbrellas for macho race drivers is somewhat disrespectful and perhaps degrading. But really, that's for the women themselves to decide if they like doing. The larger issue at hand, methinks, is another case of men being unable to control their erections and thus is wanting to exert some control over someone else.

With our politicians' ideas of proper and improper dress codes, you wonder how this issue going to end up.
Or maybe I don't want to know.