Friday, June 22, 2007

Good News

Dear Dr. V:
It is a pleasure to accept your manuscript entitled "___” in its current form for publication in the journal Thyroid.
Thank you for your fine contribution. On behalf of the Editors of Thyroid, we look forward to your continued contributions to the Journal.
There isn't much that is sweeter than getting an email like that. One of my more important manuscripts was accepted for publication in the journal Thyroid. Essentially, a year's worth of learning in the lab, of an obscure, uncommon disease in Graves' patients. Months of work and reviewing over 50 papers, comes to fruition, though with how it works it'll probably only be published only at the end of the year.
I wrap up my research year in a few short days. It's back to 100% clinical work, being oncall every 5-6 weeks. No more working in the lab, in gloves, under the protective 'hood'. No more Western blots, or experimenting with 3T3-L1 or human orbital cells.
Though not as productive as some of my peers, I think I made good use of my year; submitted 7 journal manuscripts of which 6 have been published or are in press, and one textbook chapter. 4 abstracts for meetings, of which 2 were accepted (will find out about the remaining in a week or so).
Have learnt a lot this year, laboratory techniques, cellular biology. My lab peers have been great, and very very patient, teaching and guiding me. For this, I am thankful.
This was among my work for this year. Thy-1 expression in fibroblasts. Pretty, isn't it?
But I am looking forward to getting back into patient care though. And hopefully, that will help in my preparation for the all-important endocrinology certification exam in 118 days.