Saturday, July 01, 2006


So this marks the end of yet another year.
The academic year begins in July. So, now I'm officially into my 2nd year of fellowship, 5th year of postgraduate training, PGY5. It's surreal, sometimes, how time flies by you. 5 years.
I begin my research year Monday. A whole year in the lab, learning tissue cultures, PCR and things like that. Will be doing thyroid research with one of the leaders in the field (won't be more specific than that). While it will be nice to have a break from clinic, I'll miss seeing my patients too.
On another note, we did something different today. Went to a farm for raspberry picking (that's Kris in the background). It was a glorious day, and we all had fun.
It works like this: You get a basket and fill it with as much as you want, and you pay by weight. In the meantime, you could eat some too while picking. Couldn't believe how sweet them raspberries were.
Naturally, quite a few of them went into the mouth instead of the basket.