Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm a Millionaire

I'm Rich! I received this letter in the mail yesterday. I won US 615,810 Dollars!!! Woo hoo. Never mind that I never enrolled in any lottery, and never mind that this letter came from Spain and I have no relations there. I mean, come on.... the Spanish are known for their hospitality and kindness so maybe their International Promotion Program director gave me a break and decided to pick my name out of a hat and give me money. After all, I can speak Spanish. Ölé (hmm. Or was that Punjabi?)

Wow. That would be a cool RM 2.3 million. A millionaire. I always wanted to be a millionaire. So now I can get that Jag XJ 220 I've always wanted. And I can have promiscuous sex with any girl I want (coz if money can't buy you girlfriends, what can?). Anywhere I want. Even on my boss' desk, or on the International Space Station, because heck, I can pay them off. Heck, I'll even cover Veronica in a layer of 24-carat gold.

What? You scoff at me? Doubt this is real? Oh come on, have some faith in your fellow man. Do you think everyone's out to con people? Why should a total stranger a zillion miles away in a country I've never been to, not give me loads and loads of moolah, for a lottery I didn't enroll in? What is wrong with that? Don't I deserve it? Or maybe, just maybe, a patient I once saved was the governer of some Spanish city, and submitted my name for me. Don't you think this happens in real life? You make it sound like this is a scam.

What's really unnerving is how they got my address and name out of nowhere. I'm not even listed in the directory here. I'm assuming this is someone's half-baked idea to scam some simple-minded redneck of money.
"Congratulations, you've won money. Now give us $5,000 for processing and we'll give you the $1 million you did absolutely nothing to win"
Yea right. Though you see time and time again in the papers the stupidity of people: "Woman loses RM10000 to bomoh". "Man conned of $8000 in get-rich-quick scheme."
Then again, pot calling the kettle black: "Stupid doctor spends RM2000 on flowers for girl" or "Silly man buys RM300 rockclimbing shoes for woman who disses him".
(Having said all that, if this turns out to be a real deal, I'm gonna shoot myself for throwing away $615,810.00)


Blogger Mar said...

Sounds to me like a big SCAM...
A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle.

Why would you get that money? Do you have family members in Spain?

9:07 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

that's what i'm thinking.
i wonder how stupid one needs to be though, to fall for this.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Mar said...

We can easily fall into believing something like this, when we long to have a comfortable like! We just want things..and it they are handed to us...we run to get it!
But it's kinda weird and funny what people think of to take advantage of other people!

9:15 AM  
Anonymous -lyn.l- said...

This letter and its variations (also in email form) are actual scams. Tell all to not fall for them!!

7:10 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

You know, if this doctor thing doesn't work out, you have a future in writing. Mesmerizing!

12:46 AM  
Anonymous youngblood said...

Like lyn.l said, there are indeed e-mail variations to this too.. that your database of personal information is easily available from wide array of sources don't help this either.

I do think however that the people who actually fall for this are actually more desperate / greedy than just plain being stupid, though. Just my 2 cents.

1:37 AM  
Blogger IML said...

There is no such thing as money for nothing. Except if it's a letter from santa ;)

7:25 PM  
Blogger A Fellow Traveler said...

all said n done, there r still people out there who fall for this kind of scam...real tragic...or is it pure greed + blind hope + stupidity?????

8:49 PM  
Anonymous RT said...

hello doc, I can verify that is for real....and for a mere USD2500 deposited into an account, I can help you to get an extra USD250k. hehehehehe...and this you dont need a family member in Spain.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous mayan said...

hey.. just in case u do win the lottery at any point, remember me yah!! :)

5:21 PM  

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