Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Match

Today was Match Day. A nerve-wrecking day for 26,715 final year medical students and graduates in and out of the USA. The day when they find out where, after a 4 year-long journey in medical school and a year of planning, paperwork, applications and interviews, they move on to begin the next phase of their career.
Residency. Stepping out of the protected world of the student, into the warzone of the practising physician. Postgraduate medical education. Specialization.
After the deed of interviewing is done, they plan and rank their choices. The schools rank them as well. And today, they find out.
I remember my Match day in 2002. 2 days prior, one prays we don't hear from NRMP. This was the dreaded unmatch day, and if you hear from them, it means you didn't get a spot. If the day ends quietly, you know you at least matched somewhere. Where, you don't know.
I was at work at IMU when I checked the website. My fingers were shaking so bad I had trouble putting in my password. I made LP and LY leave my office while I looked. In case I would be disappointed.
Congratulations, you have matched to the XYZ. Yadda yadda yadda.
Undoubtedly, because of the intense competition, not all would get their top choices. And not all would match. I hope this turns out well for my friends and students.


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