Thursday, November 24, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Though I'm not American, and don't really understand this celebration, I celebrate anything that gives me a day off work. And thankfully this year I'm not on hospital service, hence the words 'weekends' and 'holidays' actually have meaning.

Thanksgiving, as I understand it, something to commemorate the turkeys discovering the New World and having the Indians over for pretzels and booze, which the pilgrims made from fermented socks. Something like that.

Anyway. Besides being thankful for having a day off work, I'm thankful for other things too. For my beautiful white Jaguar XJ220. For the mansion I live in. For the 4 gorgeous Playboy bunnies I call my girlfriends. Oh wait. That was just a dream.

Seriously though. I'm not quite sure I deserve all these blessings (and more), but I do give thanks for the wonderful things in my life now. For the strange sequence of events that led me to my career here in this amazing medical center. The opportunity to do what I love doing at work. For my incredible family whom I miss so much. My supportive, sometimes crazy, always funny friends here in Rochester and in Chicago, who make my work, and this small town, so much more liveable that it almost feels like home. For my dear friends back home, in UK, NZ, whom I no longer get to see, with whom I share so many warm memories and good times that they're still very much part of me even though we're so far apart. For my health. For my wealth (all fifty-dollars-ninety-five cents of it). And most of all, for the love of my live, Veronica.




Anonymous musical said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you :))

6:05 PM  
Blogger Dentist Down Under said...

What an innovative use of syringe and needle. I shall try that for our christmas turkey hehe

1:12 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

Glad your roasted bird turn out well without casualties!! Heh!

9:30 AM  
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