Friday, November 11, 2005

Here we go again

Wow. Brilliant.
The cops now have to wear badges.
"Saya Anti Rasuah"
And it's not even optional, '... or face the wrath of the top brass...' so the Star says.
Firstly, if I was a cop... I'd be deeply insulted by this move. It's kinda like us doctors being made to wear tags like:
"Please remind me to wash my hands after I check your rectum"
"I hate vancomycin-resistant enterococcus" (antibiotic resistant superbug)
This is yet another example of a simplistic yet likely useless approach to combating a problem. We have this habit of starting all kinds of 'campaigns' when we have a problem.
I remember my SPM days in school. My BM tuition teacher gave us tips on essay-writing.
"Start a 'kempen' "
Kempen anti-dadah. Kempen kebersihan. Kempen anti Aedes. Kempen AIDS. Kempen Beli Keleta Ploton. The list goes on.
There was this recent article about this politician who organized a Dengue campaign/talk in some mall in KL. And was disgusted by the poor turnout. Duh. Unless you're U2 or something, don't expect a crowd to come listen.
The point is, how far will these steps go? How interested are the people, in showing up and listening, first of all? How effective is a simple 2-inch plastic badge? Unless if it was a 20-inch shocking pink badge.
"Oooh. That policeman has an anti-bribery badge. Maybe I shouldn't offer him money to 'settle' my speeding ticket...."
Simplistic, shallow answers for all of life's problems.
The root of the problem is deeper, I think. It comes down to our values, and our sense of what's right and wrong. Which is reflected in our other habits such as driving and honesty.
The answer? I'm not quite sure.
I DO know though, that I hate dirty cops. I remember that time, when was in form 5 when my girlfriend and I had a major argument, and had to find somewhere to talk it out. And so, we were at the Lake Gardens (corny, but true), talking. Her crying. And these 2 stoopid cops came-a-knocking. And threatened to take us to the Balai for 'suspicious activity' unless we settled on the spot.
Farking assholes. I hope they rot in hell with that RM50 that they stole from 2 kids having a fight.
(I'm not saying all cops are bad. I'm sure they're doing Malaysians a good service. I'm sure there are straight-shooters who are not dirty. I just haven't met one yet)
Here you go. The recent Star story about abuse and theft by the police. Or maybe they weren't wearing their name badges?


Blogger piffles said...

a hypocritical way of "solving" problems. like real.

oh, u actually had to give them RM50 to go away? that sucks.

4:08 AM  
Blogger Sabrina Tan said...

That's why..have to settle overseas :P
Much cleaner way of life..

4:23 AM  
Blogger yian said...

Yeah, that's what they do. Threaten the youngs to have the matter settled asap, or the long tedious way instead. sux

12:31 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

yea yvonne. i knew i had 50 bucks in my wallet and knew they'd wanna get that. so i asked my gf (ex!) if she had money in chinese, hoping she had small change. but she wasn't thinkign straight (given the stressful situation) and said in plain english "I got only fifty dollars".
So the cops went for it like a hungry python for a fat hamster: "Lima puluh cukup"
ANd that's a lot of money for a student!

1:34 PM  

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