Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Till Death Do Us Part?

Had dinner with Vic, a friend who's a heme nurse. She's going thru a hard time now, having found out recently that her boyfriend of 3 years who's now in Florida was 3-timing her. And she only found out by pure dumb luck. He was just screwing around. She's had to get the STD screen, just in case (which was negative, thankfully).
We got around talking about numbers. Interestingly, 60% US married men and 40% women have had affairs (which I assume includes one-night stands). Yea, blame America, right?
This came not long after I caught up with some good friends from medical school or college, in and out of Canada. Friends I respected. People whom I thought of high integrity. Even people I'd known for years. You hear stories. From them, about how they got into sinfully steamy situations with others when their spouses weren't around. Or who were telling me about their fantasies about other women. This one guy keeps telling me his fantasies whenever I meet him online. I'm finding it hard to respect him as a man with all this. All these people, despite being married, some only for 2 years. Screwing around.
So much for the sanctity of marriage.
So much for till death do us part.
Maybe I'm being too judgmental; after all it's easy to point and make judgment when you're on the other side of the fence.
But is there no such thing as being faithful anymore? Is man truly that incapable of keeping his phallus in his pants?
I'd like to think that we can exert more control over our mind, body, heart and soul, than that. And I'd like to think that love, ultimately, can be true.
(But then again, what would a single guy know?)