Friday, December 24, 2004

2 Days to Christmas...

Postcall again. Boy, that was a busy call. And one real code too, pulseless v-tac (he came back after 2 shocks and amio). I was talking on the phone when the code pager went off at 7.55am (why was I surprised that the oncall SMuRf hadn't yet picked up the pager from me? Pager signout time was 7am).
Came home tired and just not wanting to do anything or meet with anyone; but I'm glad John and Katie dragged me out for dinner. Nothing cheers you up more than being with good friends.
Went driving around later just to look at the Christmas lights (can't believe how freakin' cold it is here)(check out the weather page. Remember to change the temp to Celsius). There's this house nearby that wins the prize for turning the dead of the night into day. Just look at the picture. There are hundreds of lights and figurines, and even Christmas music playing in the background. Me, I like simplicity... just plain uni-coloured lights.


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