Tuesday, December 07, 2004

You know you're in a crazy world when:

  • You sleep 2 uninterrupted hours oncall and you think that's lucky
  • Your idea of fun is to watch a drug-eluding stent being deployed in the cardiac cath lab
  • You're so tired that you can't remember your mother's name, and here you are with an 8-inch long needle and you're stabbing it into someone's chest
  • You're responsible for the lives of over 50 patients on the cardiac floor, and you're the code team leader, and yet your parents don't trust you when you advise them about what they should do for their high-blood pressure
  • You still find it fun (after 3 years!) to watch the helicopters land on the hospital roof
  • At a click of a few buttons, you are able to order an MRI which costs as much as a used car
  • High-pitched beeping sounds make you jump. And higher pitched beeping sounds (not unlike the code pager) make you crap in your pants
  • You find hospital scrubs sexy
  • You spend 80 hours a week in the hospital, and still come home to watch ER on tv
  • You drink 6 large mugs of Starbucks coffee a day to function
  • You stick your finger into bodily orifices, drain smelly purulent abscesses, and can still wonder what food they're serving in the cafeteria
  • You spend 11 years training to be an endocrinologist
  • All the people you hung out with in the last 3 months have either an M.D, PhD, or R.N behind their names
  • The only illicit substances you've ever used are alcohol and chocolates, and you have the power to prescribe morphine, fentanyl and any other narcotics known to man
  • You get turned on talking about the differential diagnosis of hyponatremia
  • You sleep 5 hours a night at home, and you think that's plenty


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