Thursday, December 16, 2004

9 Days to Christmas

What a thrill.
What a Day!!!
I got Tim Allen's autograph in my book today. Tim Allen, the Actor (Home Improvement, The Santa Clause, Joe Somebody, Toy Story, etc.). I'm a big fan, and I love his book, Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man. Anyway, he came to my hospital today to visit my patient, Mr. A. Mr. A was expecting him to come, and heard I was a fan, so he offered to pass my book to Tim for him to sign it. And sign it he did. I didn't get to meet him personally as I had patients to see in my clinic, but, man, what a thrill.
I guess that's one of the fringe benefits of this crazy place; people come here for the reputation of the hospital, and hence, we get to meet film stars and celebrity. In fact, the top floor of one of the buildings was designed by the secret service as the presidents (and reputedly, the late Sultan of Selangor) come here for their healthcare.
And to top my day, Mr. B, who had been sitting around on the transplant list for a month, finally got his heart today! Apparently, a young lady was killed in a motor vehicle accident, and they matched her to him! In the midst of one family's tragedy and pain, love and life flourishes.Posted by Hello


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