Sunday, December 12, 2004

14 Days to Christmas...

Phew. Pooped, big time. Postcall today, although Friday night wasn't all that bad. We didn't get hit with too many patients, although we ones we got were sicker. Young girl, 27 y.o. female with CAD, left main (ostial) disease who had a surgical pericardial patch 2 years ago, now presenting with unstable angina. And this other guy who came in with a NSTEMI; he got me worried because he had occasional breakthrough pain despite nitro and morphine. And his TIMI risk score was 6!!! So, I bit the bullet and started him on integrilin (IIb/IIIa inhibitor). We'll send him to for angio on Monday.
Slept an hour.
Saturday night was more fun. My housemate and I hosted a 'Pre-Christmas Christmas Party' (see picture. That's Cindy, me, Katie, John and Kim). Did it early coz those on non-call months would most certainly travel home for X'mas. Good turnout, 20 people. Made popiah (was tired of all these fake American egg rolls, thought I should show them what it's supposed to be!), sushi. And then there was chicken wings, coffee flan, desserts. And booze. Heineken, Leine's, Bacardi, Mike's hard, chardonnay, cabernet and whisky. It's interesting to see how EtOH disinhibits people; near the end people were almost wanting to karaoke. But we settled on poker and X-box instead.
The girls wanted to play Fuzion Frenzy. The boys, Halo 2, naturally.
The presents are under the tree. Waiting for a fresh dump of snow.Posted by Hello


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