Monday, December 27, 2004

There & back again...

This is a simulated picture (almost identical) of my last code. Can't use the original due to confidentiality issues. But gets you thinking. This poor guy was dead. In V-fib. No chance he would come back. But with 300 joules (2nd shock, did not respond to the first 200 J) of energy, he came back. Was conscious within 30 seconds.
He probably didn't know how close he came to being buried 6 feet under.
Wish we could have done more for the people back home. 20,000 dead, and counting. Doubt I would be able to save that many lives in my entire career. A quarter of this city's population, just wiped out. Just like that.
As a physician and a Malaysian, this saddens me. We try so hard, to save lives. One hard life by another. And then comes something completely out of our hands. And life is vanquished. Just like that.
I pray that the suffering and grieving are able to find peace. Posted by Hello


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