Saturday, December 05, 2015


We put our tree up last weekend. And though there was a time I would have liked to have a uniform, clean, coordinated tree, in the recent years I've learnt to appreciate my wife's family tradition of getting trinkets and ornaments from events, people, places and adding them to the tree; putting them up certainly evokes certain memories.
Take this angel. A simple crystal angel sitting on a bell. I've had this for over 10 years now, but I remember where it came from. It was a nice gesture from a patient I was seeing in the hospital, who had a prolonged stay because of complications from a diabetic ulcer that ultimately led to his foot being amputated. He wasn't happy at the prospect of being in the hospital, but he was particularly disappointed that he couldn't take his wife out for their 50th wedding anniversary. And so I bought them a cake and brought it to them (ironic since I was dosing his insulin!). He was appreciative enough, and knew I happened to have to round for Christmas that year, and gave me this. He called me his personal angel- not something many patients say to me since many see us as the doctors who put them on insulin shots.
That was many years ago, and though I've forgotten his name, I still remember which part of the hospital his room was, and our interactions.
As I look at our tree, it's also now beginning to be filled with ornaments related to our girls, or trips we've taken. Never mind that it's not a uniform color- I'll take my memory-laden tree with its ornaments.