Saturday, December 21, 2013


Well, if Ah-Jib-kor and Obama can do it, why not me?
Yup, that's not dirt on my face. I'm sporting a new look. It's called the I'm-too-lazy-to-shave-and-it's-cold look.
It's day 8 so far. And somehow I'm not looking macho like the men in the magazines.
And my wife, she has a way with words. Always so encouraging: "You look like you have pubes growing on your face!". And I can't kiss my girls anymore without them laughing hysterically.
Then again, my patient's haven't been very nice either: "Dr. V, you need some fertilizer on your face", said the guy with a full beard
I tell them it's cold. It's winter, after all. And this might prevent facial frostbite. Plus, I'm giving my skin a break from razor burns. And it makes me look distinguished, no?
But the way things are, I imagine I'll eventually shave it off in the next week.
Maybe. What do YOU think?