Thursday, November 07, 2013

You Know You're Back in Malaysia When....

  • Shortly after brunch, your mom asks what you'd like for lunch
  • Your daughter complains that it's so hot that her "butt is burning"
  • Everytime you want to activate the turn signal when driving, you instead turn on the damn windshield wiper
  • When it rains, your jakun daughter who's never seen torrential tropical rain, goes out and sings and dances in the rain´╗┐
  • Suddenly everyone stares at you when you ask your kid loudly "Do you need to pang-sai?" (bad habit- no one in the Midwest understands this so I don't bother being discrete with this anymore)
  • You're hot, sticky and sweaty 5 seconds after a shower
  • The drivers are all maniacs
Yes, we've been back a week so far. And it's been busy so far. We made a short trip to Singapore to see old friends and to visit some sights. And my sister's wedding is tomorrow, so everyone is gearing up for it.
Food-wise, I've had satay, nasi lemak, siew pau, dim sum, peking duck, chili crab, roti canai, roti telur so far. A lot more ground to cover. I'm expecting to gain at least 3 kgs in the next two weeks.
More updates to follow...


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LOL..... Enjoy!!!

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