Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Ahem. To me.
Yup, mine came a few days after my princess'. And I have to say, it's a whole lot more fun having your kids get excited for you.
Though I caught myself thinking as I looked in the mirror yesterday, of how my age is showing (don't ask).
Signs you're getting older:
  • Your eyebrows are starting to curl.
  • Grey hairs on scalp? Bah. You're beyond that; you're finding grey nose hairs.
  • You look at your pictures and catch yourself thinking, Gawd, that's my dad!
  • You fart when you laugh. Unintentionally.
  • 9PM is 30 mins past your bedtime.
  • Sexy is a blonde holding a bottle of beer. Except you're more interested in that beer.
  • Your optometrist (the bastard!) tells you you're going to need bifocals in two years.
  • You're starting to worry about your retirement funds, and your kids' college funds.
  • You prefer plaid jackets rather than suits, fancying the university professor-look
  • You get mysterious and migratory aches. Right knee, to left foot, to neck, to left knee, and back.
  • You have trouble hearing when talking on the damned cellphone.
  • You refer to 20-plus year olds as "kids"
  • Them "kids" in turn refer to you as "uncle" (KNNCCB!).
  • You're ever so tempted to consider trading in that Porsche for a minivan
Sad to say, I'm not even making these things up. But oh well, age is all in the mind, right? Right?
That being said, I'm having a blast with my ladies.
Ask me again when I hit 40- I'm probably going to need Prozac to get over the change.